The Peloton Effect: How One Bike and Treadmill are Changing Lives Across the Globe.

I think it’s important that I start off this post by explaining that I’m not getting paid a dime to write this. I have no affiliations with anyone at Peloton, other than a one-time Instagram like by instructor, Matt Wilpers (which made my day). I purchased my Bike and Tread for the full price and I pay the full monthly premiums just like everyone else. I’m just a normal person: a wife, mother and writer, residing in Charlotte, NC, and I just happen to be in love with Peloton, a company that has not only made a positive impact on my life, but on an entire community of others around the globe.

I purchased the Peloton Bike first, but before I made the decision to do so, I scoured the web, looking for honest and real reviews, experiences from other people like me. There are a ton of them out there that explain everything you could want to know about the cost, the monthly subscription, equipment, classes, etc. I won’t go over any these points with you because you can find all of this info aplenty online already, is a great place to start. The reviews I did read gave me the confidence I needed to make the splurge and purchase the Peloton Bike, a decision I’ve never regretted.

The Bike came a few weeks later and was everything that was promised…But it was so much more. You see, what the reviews failed to tell me about was this entire online community of “Pelotoners,” a family of sorts, that would come along with this new exercise bike. The online Peloton Community is huge on both Facebook and Instagram, and the hundreds of thousands of people who belong to this community are some of the most accepting, encouraging and motivational people you’ll ever meet. So when you get the new exercise equipment, you also find yourself immersed within this online Peloton Community, belonging to a Family, there alongside you to share in your successes and triumphs, and also to be there for you when the times get tough.

In my months of belonging to the Peloton Family, I’ve seen people encourage others like nothing I’ve ever been a part of before – congratulating those for hitting Century Rides or Runs (100th ride or run), hitting personal records (PRs), running races, weight loss goal accomplishments, and other personal achievements not necessarily related to exercise, but about life in general.  I’ve also seen this Peloton Family encourage those through some tough times, when they’re down and in need support: Prayers for those battling Cancer or other illness, raising money for charity for those in need, sharing grief when loss is experienced. The Peloton Family has created hundreds of friendships, relationships, even an engagement and marriage to date. It’s an all-accepting environment, a group of like-minded individuals, all working to better not only themselves, but also working to better the world. The camaraderie is unparalleled.  

Running has always been my favorite exercise. The endorphins you get when you push your body far beyond the limits of what you think is possible is the best drug on earth (and it’s legal!) So naturally, a few months after I bought the Bike, I bought the Tread too. A purchase that I’ve thanked myself for every day since it arrived.

In addition to the online Peloton Community that comes along with these exercise machines, the instructors who teach the classes make the workout experience even more amazing. All of the instructors could also qualify as some of the best motivational speakers you’ll ever hear in your life.  So every class isn’t just about the workout, they’re also filled with so much motivation and inspiration about life and how you handle your life outside of the workout, that you come away from each class, not only sweaty, but also ready to conquer the f***ing world too. The personal growth I’ve experienced since purchasing the Bike and Tread has been invaluable. The best self-help money I’ve ever spent in my life.

The point I’m trying to make in all of this is that the Peloton Bike and Tread aren’t just your normal exercise bike or treadmill. They are so much more. Peloton is so much more than just a good workout machine. Not only will you get to experience some of the best workouts of your life (the instructors will kick your ass), but you’ll get to become part of a Community; join a Family full of individuals like you, just looking to improve themselves and improve the world we live in. You’ll get to experience some of the best motivational speeches you’ll ever hear, while working up a sweat, and come away from the workout, feeling STRONG, FIERCE, and CONFIDENT about accomplishing anything you set your mind to. The lessons you learn in class, stay with you long after the music stops. Peloton is an entire life-changing experience.

So, if you’re on the fence and not sure about making the purchase, I hope this post has given you some additional insight into the brand that is changing lives every day. Come join our community. Not only will your body thank you for it, but your entire life will thank you for it. You’ll never be the same person again. You’ll grow in more ways than you knew possible. Come and see. You won’t regret it.

I’ll see you on the leaderboard.


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