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I have been asked how I met my husband, Harry C. Marsh, many times before. Honestly, everything I’ve told you about this story was a lie, until now. No, we did not meet at a party, or through mutual friends like you thought we did. Today, I’ll tell you the true story about how we actually met… on – home of the dick pic, the Craigslist killer, scammers and swingers galore. And also to the greatest love story of all times – ours.

The year was 2009. It was during the fall of my Junior year of College in Cincinnati, Ohio where I was studying to be a Graphic Designer at The Art Academy of Cincinnati. My best friends and I were all single AF (and living the good life). Every Sunday night, we would all get together for “Sunday Dinner,” as we called it. Everyone would cook a dish and we would rotate the hostess and apartment we met at every week. It became a ritual of sisterhood, friendship and family for us.

On a chilly November Sunday night, I hosted my friends in my 2nd floor walk up apartment in downtown Cincinnati. We were all getting excited for the upcoming dance our school was hosting the following weekend, an alumni event used to raise money for scholarships. It was a costume ball that we would need to dress up for, and since we were all single AF, none of us had dates.

At some point during the night, as we talked about our plans for the dance, one of us (and I honestly don’t remember who), had the idea to post an ad in the personal section on Craigslist “for fun,” to see what kind of responses we could get. Truth be told, I think we were all getting a little tired of the single life and being lonely in the relationship department (it’s hard to find decent men at an art school). I believe we were all kind of open to finding someone, or at least I was. Of course, none of us wanted to admit to this at the time.

Since we were at my apartment, I got my computer out and opened it up, created a Craigslist account and we all sat around my kitchen table and wrote an ad that went something like this: (disclaimer, this is a recreation of the actual ad, because I have long since lost the original posting)

5 Young, Hot, Art Chicks Looking for Dates to Costume Ball Next Saturday Night

About us: 21, single, hot, looking for a good time. We all had dates lined up with men we met on, but their release dates were pushed out and they are still incarcerated, so we have to find replacement dates.

Requirements for you: Must be between the ages of 16 and 60 years old. You must submit a photo of yourself in the proposed costume you plan to wear to the ball. (No dick pics please! You will be disqualified). Write a little bit about yourself and if we like what we see, we’ll send you more info about us.

– 5 hot girls

I can’t even begin to tell you what kind of crazy responses we received from that ad, all equally as hilarious, insane and inappropriate as your imagination can think up. Since we had created and posted the ad from my apartment and computer, all of the responses came to my email. Out of all of the crazy, one stuck out to me and was the only email I responded to.

It just so happens, that Harry C. Marsh WAS browsing the personal ads on for a date that very night and our ad happened to catch his eye. Now, before you start getting all judgmental on him, you have to understand that these were years before TINDER and BUMBLE existed. The Craigslist Killer wasn’t even a thing yet. The only online dating available was and, both of which came with costly monthly membership fees. To Harry, who had just graduated law school, currently unemployed, living at home in his parents basement and studying to sit for the NC BAR exam, he didn’t have much spare money to spend on costly dating websites. So, give the man some credit please.

Below is the email he sent me. Luckily, I DO have every email we shared, so the below exchanges are exactly what transpired between us that chilly November night.


Interesting post. Any information about the females? I’ve got a doctorate degree.  27…in good shape. And, I figure I could be entertaining.  But is it worth my effort?  Are the females fun?
Art ‘chicks’ are usually larger…insecure….and have plenty of baggage  (simply my observations over the years).I’ll admit that they’re usually entertaining, however.

You may be wondering what made me respond to this email (out of all of the others) and since this is the TRUE story of how we met, I’ll be honest. I responded to this email because of one line. This one right here: “I’ve got a doctorate degree”.

Yes, yes, I was not only single AF, but I was materialistic AF too. Isn’t that what our culture teaches us? Aren’t we all? (another post, another day).

So, I wrote him back:

If you couldn’t tell by the post- yes, we are a lot of fun. As for the insecure, overweight, and baggage aspect, absolutely false. I, personally tend to be a little too secure with myself to be quite honest. Had my friends over tonight and we more or less did the post as a joke to see what responses might arise, although a date could be entertaining.  Send me a pic.

He followed my orders and immediately sent me this picture. (Raw, unedited, unfiltered, Harry C. Marsh at 27ish years old). You’re welcome.

When I saw the photo, I paused for a moment. And then I thought to myself, “Im talking to the unabomber. A killer is messaging me.”

I still wonder why, out of all the wonderful photos he had of himself, he decided that this was the best one to send to a potential mate. It is still beyond me. (No wonder he was still single). But, then again, that’s Harry.

My husband is a very handsome man, but he has never cared about the power of a well-tailored suit, a nice hairdo or polished shoes. Instead, he uses his mind to win people over. To this day, I still have to throw away his underwear or undershirts when they get holes in them (otherwise he would still wear them), or tell him when to go get a haircut. His brain has never worked in a way to care about things like this, because he’s too focused on other things that he deems more important (and usually they are). Unlike me, he doesn’t care about impressing anyone with his appearance, and even though he could buy a well-tailored suit or an expensive pair of shoes, he still buys most of his clothing at Costco or on Amazon. This trait is one of the many reasons I love him. There are many things one can learn from a guy like Harry.

When I didnt respond immediately, in true true creep fashion, he sent me another photo. This one, MUCH better.

And I thought to myself, “I can work with this”.

We were off with a flurry of emails to one another, back and forth. Hundreds of words, sentences and lyrical prose, compiled over days and weeks as we came to know one another. I had never met anyone quite like him, and he said the same about me. Eventually, we ended up meeting in person, and as they always say, the rest was history…

On our first anniversary, I gifted my husband with a book of our first emails to memorialize the story of how we met. Every so often, we’ll lay in bed at night and read to one another from the book, reminiscing on the days when our relationship was young and we were just beginning. It’s good for the soul to remember.

So there you have it, the true story about how I met my husband on If you’re lonely, or still searching for that special someone, and ready to give up, don’t. Just remember that Love can be found in all places, even where you least expect it – even amongst the dick pics and whackadoodles on

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