Had you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer would have been the same from the time I was 10 until I was 20 years old; a writer. Plain and simple. I was young and dumb… but I still had my fire.

This was before the world of Instagram and blogs. Facebook was new and I still had a flip phone. Since then and in the past decade, a lot has changed in the world (and in my life). I think it’s time I found my voice again. It’s been lost for awhile.

In my years of helping create and grow the Harry Marsh Law firm from the ground up into what it is today (we now handle over 300 closings a month with 4 offices!), I have to assume I’ve grown up throughout the process too. You don’t grow when you’re comfortable and I have spent the past decade being INCREDIBLY uncomfortable.

I am a high-functioning anxiety-sufferer, a perfectionist, a people-pleaser, a highly-sensitive person (or HSP), a control-freak, an introvert, and an empath (just to name a few). All of these character traits combined means that I am SFU. SFU= Super Fucked Up. It means I’m in constant turmoil with myself, my surroundings and happenings at all times. It means that live interactions were (are) scary for me because while I may seem composed and put together on the outside, I am fighting an internal battleground within myself, even during the simplest of interactions or tasks. Analyzing what I say, how I say it, how I sound, how I look, how I am perceived, how I am judged, speculating how the other person will respond, all the while trying to articulate my words; these are thoughts always racing through my mind. It’s exhausting (and an entire blog post for another day).

However, these character traits aren’t all bad. Honestly, they may just be my superpower. Having these traits combined makes me a highly-motivated and driven person, who usually succeeds at pretty much any task due to the amount of mental energy and anguish I pour into everything. These traits have made me unapologetically good at my job. For that, I am thankful..

Working in the home-buying and home- selling industry is a very stressful and demanding job. It involves dealing with people during the most stressful moments and decisions of their lives (moving, possessions, and money). It is easy to get caught in the crosshairs of someone else’s frustration and become their punching bag. I have been cussed out, yelled at and threatened more times than I can count over the past years. While this part of the job is not, and has never been fun, there are times when it can be rewarding like none other. I have also been appreciated and thanked, gifted and hugged more times than I can count. The emotions are to the very extreme on both sides and it’s incredibly rewarding and horrifically drowning in one. It’s the industry. I love it, I hate it… but I dont want anymore of it.

Therefore, I find myself at a crossroads in life and it’s time for something new. So, welcome to my blog, The Marsh Life. I will write about a number of issues, thoughts, ideas and stories. The main categories I plan to cover include: The REAL Stuff, The FUNNY Stuff, The LITTLE ONES Stuff and The HEALTHY Stuff.

The REAL Stuff: I’m ready to talk about and normalize this imperfect life we’re all living. We live in a new age of social media that allows us to mask our struggles behind a facade of perfection; a giant playground pissing match of Facebook and Instagram. I am SO GUILTY of this myself. I’m ready to stop pretending and start talking about what’s really happening in life, struggles included, because we all deal with it. I want to start supporting one another instead of competing, building each other up instead of breaking one another down. I know there are others like me out there. I can feel your energy when I interact with you and I want to connect with you. I’m tired of pretending. I want to be transparent and human and REAL.

The FUNNY Stuff: Being married to someone like Harry C. Marsh should come with an instruction manual, or at the very least, a prescription for Xanax. That man is this world’s anomaly. Intelligent, humble, caring, hard-working, selfless, approachable, calm, intense, relentless. He is a man that is so clever he could make money out of mud. And, he literally has, as one of Charlotte, North Carolina’s most in-demand Real Estate Closing Attorneys. My life is never dull next to someone like Harry C. Marsh. Both of us raised by simple, good-valued, blue-collar families, just chasing the American dream, looking for a better life for themselves and their kids. I look forward to sharing more in-depth stories with you. As they say, Laughter is the best medicine… and if you cant laugh at yourself, then really, what is the point of it all?

The LITTLE ONES Stuff: I’m focusing on my two daughters, Adria (4) and Caroline (18 months) in a way I never have before and I want to use this blog as a way to capture those memories, ideas and commensurate with other mommas. I have spent the past years dedicating my entire life to growing Harry Marsh Law from the ground up and I lost sight of the important things in life. I put myself and my family second to my career (a sad truth), but now I’m dedicating myself to right this ship before it’s too late. We only have one shot to get it right with the little ones and I’ll be damned if I fail at the most important job I could possibly have. I refuse to live with regrets. It’s time to change the story.

The HEALTHY Stuff: Living healthy is my passion. I’ve lived through seasons of extreme health and I’ve lived through valleys of extreme unhealth. Behaviors adapted as a reaction to the anxieties of my life at any given time; smoking, drinking, self-medicating, poor diet, toxic thought patterns. When I devote myself to self-care, I flourish and this cascades into all other areas of my life. Healthy diet, exercise, meditation, adequate sleep, supplements, being with nature, less screen time, positive thought patterns, time with friends and family; all of these things combined creates a pretty amazing outcome . Healthy Lifestyle is something I want to talk a lot about because I KNOW I can help people with this. I have studied this area extensively since my teens, always looking for solutions for problems I faced, physically and mentally. I know I can help others too. There is no quick fix to perfect health, it’s a lifestyle shift.

Through writing, I am able to control my narrative on a platform that empowers me. Even though I’m young, I’ve always been old. And while I’ve been a writer since I was a child, I now have some actual real world experience under the belt to draw from and share. I have my voice and I’m ready to start talking. It will be a fun journey. One I look forward to sharing with you all.

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